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Why do most aspirants fail?

The journey to becoming a civil servant through the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) is one filled with aspiration and determination. However, the reality of the challenges involved means that many aspirants find themselves stumbling, particularly at critical stages of the exam. Here’s a closer look at the common hurdles that aspirants encounter, backed by insights from our comprehensive studies:

1. Syllabus Mastery: More than 70% of aspirants lack a comprehensive understanding of both the Preliminary and Mains syllabi, critical for progressing in the exam.
2. Segmented Preparation: Approximately 65% of candidates begin focused Mains preparation only after passing the Prelims, resulting in rushed and suboptimal preparation.
3. Discipline in Study Habits: Despite high motivation, around 80% of aspirants do not maintain the disciplined study routine necessary to comprehensively tackle the extensive syllabus.
4. Revision: Only 30% of aspirants engage in consistent revision, which is essential for solidifying knowledge and ensuring readiness for exams.
5. Examination Skills: About 75% struggle to efficiently manage time and complete all questions during the Mains, despite having solid foundational knowledge and writing skills.

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Why Choose Tathastu ICS?

1. Expert-Led Learning: Each lecture is led by experienced faculty, who deliver deep insights into the UPSC demands, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the syllabus.
2. High-Quality Relevant Study Materials: We provide up-to-date, detailed study materials that reflect the latest exam trends and policies, aiding in a deeper understanding of essential topics.
3. Structured Practice Sessions: Daily mock tests simulate the real exam environment, coupled with personalized feedback to sharpen your time management and answer precision.
4. Personalized Mentorship: Gain from tailored guidance and intensive doubt-clearing sessions that cater to individual learning needs, enhancing clarity and preparation.
5. Current Affairs Digest: Regular updates and expert analyses help you stay informed and understand complex issues relevant to the UPSC curriculum.
6. Interview Preparation: Engage in simulated interviews with expert feedback from India's top panelists, increasing your readiness and confidence for the actual interview.
7. Online Learning Resources: Access a wide range of digital resources anytime through our comprehensive platform, complementing your classroom learning.
8. Special Guest Sessions: Learn from the experiences of retired IAS officers and successful candidates through webinars and interactive sessions.

What you will get in this programme?

First a list will come where we will give details of deliverables such as:

  • 250+ Lectures
  • 700+ hours of learning
  • Learning CSAT in 100 hours
  • 20+ Subject notes in pdf/hard copy form
  • Regular Prelims tests on LMS
  • 30+ UPSC based prelims tests in offline/online mode
  • 10 full length mains tests

Who Should Enrol in this programme?

This programme is perfect for aspirants who:

  • Are in their third year of college or beyond.
  • Are enrolled in a postgraduate program or have completed it.
  • Plan to sit for the UPSC CSE in the upcoming year.
  • Aim to build a strong, comprehensive foundation for both the Preliminary and Main Examinations.
  • Are determined to boost their chances of success in the challenging Preliminary and Main stages in 2025.

When should you start preparation?

Your journey begins now.
Batch starting - 19th June

How should you join?

Enrol in our UPSC Foundation Batch for 2025 and take the first step toward a prestigious career in civil services. Let Tathastu ICS guide you through every step of your preparation.

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